Thursday, November 29, 2012

Odoo OpenERP 7 Learning Camp @ Pragmatic, India - Leading Provider of OpenERP Services

Pragmatic has organized a company wide OpenERP 7 Boot-camp to look and learn the new features and functionality of the new version 7 of OpenERP. We looked at the functional and technical changes which have happened in the new version. The general feedback from our team has been Thumbs up. Their are still some rough edges but overall the system has improved quiet a lot. Things have been simplified for the end user.

We will be publishing some blogs in the coming weeks highlighting the new features of OpenERP 7. Pragmatic will soon be starting a migration of some of the community modules of OpenERP to OpenERP 7. Here are some photos of the Learning Camp.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Odoo OpenERP Restaurant Management with Point of Sale

It gives us immense pleasure to share with you that we have added another feather to its cap by integrating OpenERP POS with Traditional Restaurant Management Software. We have updated the OpenERP POS to make it suitable to be used in Restaurants.

As a restaurant owner, you know that you can be more successful if you can provide a better experience for your customers and gain greater control over your costs and profits. Our System will help you to do both.

The captain can take orders for a particular table which will automatically be visible at the cook's station, increasing the speed with which orders can be prepared and decreasing the wasted time of servers walking back and forth to the kitchen. Orders can be entered on the computer, and printed as Kitchen Order Tickets are much more legible than a hand written ticket. Not only are the items prepared more accurately, your servers will always be charging the right amount for every order
Intensive Inventory Management with deep linkages with Restaurant Sale Orders & Accounts module. One can look at all the sales made at the end of the day.

Following are some of the Key features of OpenERP Restaurant Management
With POS module :

1) Provides Better Service
  • Our System will
  • Increase the speed of customer service
  • Increase the accuracy of orders 
  • Improve the quality of your food 
  • Prevent theft
2) Functional Features of System
  •    Table Management software including reservations 
  •    Item Recipe can be maintained in the system 
  •     Side lists, sub lists, cooking instructions etc..
  •   Complete Inventory Management
  •   Easy Table order taking Through Centralized POS
  •   Table Order taking through Hand held Tablet PC
  •   Accurate Billing 
  •      Provision for custom defined Price-list for Festive seasons 
  •      Complete account system and reports
3) Enjoy Higher Profits by 
  •  Know exactly how much each dish costs each time you sell it. 
  •  Reduce product waste 
  •  Accurately order the product you will need
Dashboard for OpenERP Restaurant Management

Tables Configurations
Food Items Definitions :

Traditional Way of Table Selection & Table Order Entry :

Table Selection & Table Order Entry With POS

Table Order Through POS :

Payments Through POS

Odoo OpenERP Hotel Web Booking, Reservation and Payment Engine for OpenERP Hotel Management System

We has developed a Web based application which can be embedded in to any Hotel website to enable on-line Room Reservations. The System connects with OpenERP Back-end system and enables booking of rooms on-line. This is very important feature for Hotels using the OpenERP system to be able to have an on-line booking presence.

This add-on functionality will help user to search for the availability of Rooms and book the same though Internet. Booking form will show a availability calendar for  all the booked rooms for a particular month. We have also provided a on-line payment option using which the customers can make payment via Paypal and

Following are the features of Hotel Booking Engines :

1) Web Booking Form : Accept all user preferences

2) Booking Calendar: See availability of rooms in a particular month

3)  Payment Options : Payment gateway integration with PayPal  and

4) Payment by PayPal: Directing To PayPal Site for account Login

5) Payment Confirmation: 

6) Reservation Confirmation: Redirecting to Web Booking form once payment is successful.

7)   Reservation Record In OpenERP :

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Stock Valuation in OpenERP LIFO, FIFO and Average Method

We have developed OpenERP Stock Valuation module which offers Stock Valuation by different methods LIFO, FIFO and Average Methods in openERP for Stock, we provided a easy feature to analyse stock details for inventory.
In OpenERP, stock management is completely integrated with the accounts, to give strong coherence between the two systems. The double-entry structure of locations enables a very precise correspondence between stocks and accounts.
When you make a purchase order, and confirm, a packing is created. Since you confirm a purchase order the stock value reports gets updated.

To Refer Stock valuation - 

Step 1. Go To Product Configuration where we have three different Stock valuation Method :    
  • LIFO Method
  • FIFO Method
  • Average Method   
Below Screen shows we have selected Method Average

Above screen shows product quantity in hand which is 11. 

2. Create Purchse Order or Sales Order for the Product & Confirm :
Below screen shows we have created Purchase order for the Product.

3. Process Packing List
Go To Warehouse → Incoming Shipment →  Edit the current picking

4. Check Stock Valuation details :
Go to Warehouse Stock Valuation Menu

After Processing Stock Incoming movement we can check Stock valuation in Stock valuation. We analyse the stock entries by using stock journal entries. 
With the help of Stock valuation we get information like current real stock and stock value and stock valuation is calculated from Average method.

5. Stock Per Period
User can review stock per period – As per Month or Year. We can run wizard and create Stock valuation record as per month or Year.

Above Wizard helps to auto create Stock valuation records and user can analyse Stock Details as per required method. User can easily review two journal entries one is on incoming picking while another is a outgoing picking and real stock

Friday, September 7, 2012

Odoo OpenERP – Paypal Integration

OpenERP Integrated with PayPal which is the most popular online payment service in use today. 
The OpenERP integration with Paypal lets you perform real-time authorization and giving you a platform to collect payment against invoices. Customer can redirect to the PayPal account and using OpenERP – integration module customer can make payment for invoices.
Features of OpenERP-Paypal Integration:
  • OpenERP- Paypal payment against invoice.
  • Payment through OpenERP Account.
  • Track Paypal payment details in OpenERP Invoices.
  • Check Invoice Paypal Payment Status in OpenERP.
  • Check updated Invoice Status in Paypal account.
  • Automatically send email after Payment.

1. Create Customer Invoice for order

 Create invoice for the same order for which we want to review stock valuation

2.  Customer Creates Invoice PayPal payment record
Login by Customer login into OpenERP review customer invoice details. Now customer can create Invoice PayPal payment record

Select the Invoice for which we want to create payment line. Confirm   invoice PayPal payment details.

3.  Redirect to PayPal account

Click on Pay by Paypal
4.   Review Invoice details in PayPal.

5.   Complete Transaction.

Once transaction completed Customer will receive email message about Payment done.

Above Screen shows status Paid for the transaction and Amount details.  Actual amount is paid is 48.25. The difference is because of the Paypal processing charges.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Odoo OpenERP -DVLA Integration

Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) functionality Mapped in OPENERP

Ø   In OpenERP we have developed a functionality where by just entering registration number you can auto fill rest of the details like Make, Model, engine & fuel information of vehicle 
Ø  For this we have used library file of core Python listed below:
1.      URLlib2
2.      xml.dom.minidom
3.      parseString 

Ø  By use of above library file and using XML tag that is dom.getElementsByTagName we can easily have values from XML file and can be passed to OpenERP database for having information like:

1.      Fuel information
2.     Make
3.      Model
4.      Engine
5.      Door Plan 

We can get all this information from a single unique number from DVLA that is Car Registration number. 

Ø       Here is below a screen short of Data that have been fetched from xml file generated from DVLA URL