Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Pragmatic has provided a connection with the social feeds of Facebook and Twitter In Odoo

With Odoo 9 Social Feed module, Pragmatic has provided a connection with the social feeds of Facebook and Twitter. The feeds from both the sites are combined and made available to the user in chronological order. Also, there is a facility of custom odoo posts which can be added to them.
  • Before starting with this module, the user needs to specify the account names in the configuration from which the feeds are to be fetched.
  • Feeds from multiple accounts can also be fetched.
  • The feeds related to the specified accounts of both facebook and twitter are fetched and then arranged in the ascending order of time elapsed and displayed to the user.
Facebook Feeds
  • To identify that a particular post is from facebook, a facebook icon is shown on top of that post.
  • Name of the account from which that post is fetched is also shown beside the icon. This can be helpful in case multiple accounts are specified.
Twitter Feeds
  • Similarly, to identify that a particular post is from twitter, a twitter icon is shown on top of that post.
  • Name of the account from which that post is fetched is also shown beside the icon. This can be helpful in case multiple accounts are specified.
Custom Feeds
  • There is also a facility to send custom feeds (posted by the odoo users).
  • The users can post the company related feeds, best wishes, or any other newsfeeds internally which will be available to other odoo users.
  • Internal posts are to be written in the textbox given at the bottom of the page.
  • Also, you can attach an image to the text message, which will be describing your message.
  • The image icon beside the textbox allows you to select the images available on your local machine.
  • User has to upload the image, which will then get added in the textbox.
  • After the message is completed, click on the Post button.
  • Once, clicked on the Post button, the message will be posted above along with the time ago tag.
Source page of the feed
  • Complete feed of facebook and twitter are not displayed here as it may occupy lots of space. Hence, the 'read more..' option is provided.
  • The 'read more..' option is given at the end of every feed for viewing the it in detail.
  • On click of the link the user will be redirected to the source page of that feed.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Odoo 10 Community Edition on AWS Marketplace

Pragmatic has launched Odoo 10 on the Amazon Cloud Marketptace, With a click on a button you can launch an instance of Odoo 10 Community Edition

Odoo 10 Community Edition Features


  • Event Barcode
  • Email Schedule : Easy to Followup



  • HR Attendance (Kiosk Mode)
  • Print Employee Badge
  • Sign In/Out authenticate using Pin
  • Timesheet Apps : usability Improvement


  • POS Serial Number
  • POS Default Cash Control
  • POS Restaurant : Transfer order from one table to another


  • Option in Payment Gateway to auto confirm SO
  • Out of stock warning in option
  • Delivery : choose the package when clicking on put in pack
  • Inventory : Can apply Quality control on picking
  • Serial Number Upstream Tracebility
  • Delivery Order : Add margin in % to cover lost
  • Picking : Up/Down Tracebility

Website/ Ecommerce:

  • B2B/B2C
  • New checkout design for address selection
  • Ecommerce : Add multiple images of products
  • Improved Portal Frotend view
  • Easy to set website Favicon
  • Ecommerce insight: Save, manage, and reuse credit cards. Authorize amount at checkout and capture at shipping.
  • Ecommerce user can pay through stored card
  • Easy to trace Website Orders, Invoices

Expense :

  • Accountant can direct pay the Expense
  • Email Alias to direct record Expense (based on expense internal reference, system identify product and create expense accordingly)

General / Discuss :

  • history of chatter clickable (source document)
  • The debug mode does not split the web assets by default
  • Keyboard shortcuts detailed on the top right menu from the home page
  • Easy to maintain user access (set default access to default user)
  • Search date ranges quickly with the new in-between operator.
  • Canned responses and /commands in discuss
  • Create in one click
  • Company setting of apps moved to Apps > Setting
  • Any HTML type report easily edit in app view => https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B21cUNlAdZ6gWHl5NUE4b0lqc0k/view?usp=drivesdk


  • Easy to Create new Apps
  • Easy to add new field in either form view or tree view
  • Channge string, help message, views, reports,....

Purchase :

  • Editable PO: Easy to edit confirmed PO
  • Purchase Teander : Blanket order Type


  • Project : project dashboard is now based on user's favorite
  • Project : Easy to maintain Sub-Task
  • Forecast : Grid : By User, By Project


  • Subscription dashboard by company, Tag, Contract
  • Subscription : New Cohort Analysis

Helpdesk Management:

Easy to assign tickets by different Assignation Method
  • Randomly
  • Manually
  • Balanced
Generate Tickets
  • Email Alias
  • Live Chat
  • Ticket Form
  • External API
  • SLA Pollicies
  • Rating
  • Canned Response
  • Forum- Help Center
  • Slides- eLearning


  • PLM
  • MPS
  • Maintenance
  • Quality
  • Easy to know "Overall Equipement Effectivness"
  • Unbuild Order , Scrap Products