Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Print Button for List View in OpenERP

o get print button which will print all records listed in list view in pdf format, you have to add few lines and methods in java scripts and mako file.
To print report, open list view of any form, you will get PRINT button before PROCESS button at right corner as circled in the screenshot. Here, I have opened Partners form’s list view.

Now select the records and click on Print button as circled in the last screenshot. If there are no other reports available for the list view then it will print directly the report otherwise it will direct you to the new screen.
Here, in partner form we have two other reports available for the list view, so button will open new tab in your browser.
Now select PRINT SCREEN as circled in the last screenshot and hit OK button. This will print the report for the selected record in pdf format.
Here you can see the Partner report with all the details.

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