Monday, July 23, 2012

New Features Developed in the OpenERP POS (Point of Sale) -Tagging of Customer in POS

  • Tag POS sales to a customer
  • When customer is buying stuff you can save which customer is buying what item
  • On the Validate page – you can type customer phone number and when validated the order is tagged to customer.
  • Search is available from where you can search existing customer by phone number/name and if he is unavailable then you can create a record for the new customer from POS itself
  • Analysis is much easier and can see pattern in buying by customer.
Create New by clicking on the new as highlighted:

Search by Mobile Number –Name will be displayed .Select the customer and proceed.

New Features Developed in the OpenERP POS (Point of Sale) -Gift Coupon Bar code Generation & Printing from POS

  • Gift coupon Printing with amount & bar code along with normal receipt
  • Maintain gift coupon serial number(EAN13) and generate unique barcode for each coupon

New Features Developed in the OpenERP POS (Point of Sale) - Password required for the POS Validation part

Provision made in POS where manager can login once and later the sales rep can login by just entering password. No need to enter user name each time. The system will map the password and allow the valid user to create the new Order with his name.

Once POS order is complete he has to re-enter the password for new Order.
POS order will be generated with name of the salesperson that has entered the password so any change in salesperson looking after the counter he needs to renter his password to make a new order. So the new order will be processed in the name of the new salesperson that entered the password.
  • Ease in analysis of sales made per month by each sales person.
  • Draw Reports for specific time period per salesperson.
Password Validation Screen

Reports Screenshot:

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

New Features Added to Fleet Management in OpenERP- Route Optimization and Maps

1.  Route Management System is continuation of Fleet Management System.
2.   Route Management System can generate best Driving paths between two or more than      
two  Addresses.
3.   Addresses selection can be made between Partners i.e. Customer or Supplier, warehouses, Current location of any Vehicle or it may be GPS location of any Employee.

4.  We can select all the possible partner addresses which come in between the selected route within a given(supplied by user) radius of kilometers.

5.   We can see Graphical maps of the Routes Generated.

6.    This module generates most Optimized Paths.
7.    It gives us the total driving distance in Kilometers.

between a route will be saved in the Partner Invoice.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Pulling Data from multiple Magento Stores in to OpenERP

Magento OpenERP connector is a very useful tool to integrate Magento stores with OpenERP. It allows exports and imports of product catalog and orders. This allows users to pull data from Multiple Magento sites in to OpenERP. One can differentiate between the products and orders coming from Multiple Magento stores. This is really useful for clients who are running multiple stores and can manage all of them via single OpenERP instance. The following shows how to configure this.
1.Here we have created 3 Stores and 3 Websites.

  1. Main Store – Main Website
  2. Pune Store – Pune Website
  3. Mumbai Store – Mumbai Website

2. Here are 3 different Categories for different Stores.
  1. Root
  2. Pune
    -Pune Sub
  3. Mumbai
    - Mumbai Sub

3.   Here We created different Products for different Stores and Websites. (You can see the Website Column in Screenshot)

4.   After Importing Data from magento to openerp you will find websites.

5.   Products after Import.

6.   Products view in Perticular Store and Website.