Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Indian Accounting Localization - TDS Module for OpenERP

The Tax Deduction at Source (TDS) Module for OpenERP is developed as an important contribution towards the Indian Accounting Localization Project. This TDS Module encompasses all the TDS provisions in compliance with the Income Tax Act, 1961. This feature rich TDS module makes it apt for use by the
Corporates & other entities in need for the management of Tax Deduction at source. Another distinguishing feature of the TDS Module of OpenERP is that apart from its standard features its flexible enough to be customized as per changing needs & rules of the Indian Tax System.

Indian Accounting localization - TDS Module for OpenERP video

Key Features of TDS Module for OpenERP:

  • TDS linked with Invoice line
  • Accounting TDS & Deduction
  • TDS with Lower & Zero rate
  • Accountign TDS & Deducting it later
  • TDS Helper for paying TDS to Government
  • Viewing TDS Pending, Payable, Zero/Reduced Rate
  • Variety of Reports & Annexures for Filing of Returns to the Govt. Below are the list of some of the Reports provided by the System.
    • Form 16A
    • Form 26Q
    • Form 26Q Annexure
    • Form 27Q
    • Form 27Q Annexure
    • Form 26A
    • Form 26A Annexure
    • Form 27A
    • Form 27A Annexure.
  • Pretty Configurable for the Income Heads/ Sources, Tax Rates, Sections, Exemption Limit etc.
  • Provision for configuring the details of Deductees, Deductors, Nature of Payments/ Income Sources.
  • All the records of the Tax Payables, Tax Deducted, Tax Paid can tracked into the System with the different Filter or Sorting Parameters.







Thursday, June 9, 2011

Training Management System module for OpenERP

A Comprehensive WebBased Training Management System (TMS) of OpenERP which can be used by Organisations like Training Institutes, Education Institutes, Corporates for effective & efficient management of the Training or Education Services.
It would help the Organisations to a large extent in effectively meeting the Training requirements by maintaining every tit bits of activities involved in the delivery of Training service.
Below mentioned are the key features of this Standard TMS Module which can be Configured & Customized as per Client specific needs.

Key Features:

  • Creation of Training Course information including information like
    • Course Description
    • Trainers / Lecturers details
    • Mode of Training (Classroom, Online, etc...)
    • Price / Rate of Course
    • Images relevant to Course
  • Provision of entering the Feedback / Review of the Course received from participants.
  • Provision to create Exam Questionaires specific to the Course.
  • Exam Evaluations.
  • Awarding of Degrees specific to the Courses undertaken by the Customers / Participants.
  • Provision to create Catalogues & Offers for Marketing / Selling the Courses.
  • Provision for organising the Seances including information like
    • Lecturers / Trainers details.
    • Participants details.
    • Courses details for which the Seances are organised.
    • Registration details.
    • Venue & Time details.
  • Facility to create Sessions based on Courses & Seances.
  • Calendar for keeping track of the various Events, Sessions, Seances & other activities.
  • Centralised Repository of all the Documents, Attachments uploaded by the Users are maintained in a Systematic Directory Structure format for easy accessability & Knowledge Sharing.
  • Facility to create & maintain Subscription Requests & its details.
  • Facility to create & maintain Partcipation Requests & its details.
  • Provision to maintain a complete history of all the Customers, Participants, Trainers, Lecturers.
  • Managing of all the Invoices & Payment details through its close integration with a Finance Module.
  • Generation of variety of Reports like Exam Evaluation Report, Courses Reports, Exam Questionaires Reports, Seances & Sessions Reports, Participants / Customers Reports.
  • Pretty Configurable & Customizable according to Client specific needs.
  • Provision of creating the various Users of the System & providing Access Rights to them.


1) Courses

2) Exam Evaluations

3) Offers

4) Catalogues

5) Seances

6) Calendar

7) Subscriptions

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Pragmatic @ Asia OpenERP Partners Event Gandhinagar, India

Pragmatic was present at the Asia Parners meeting held on June 4th 2011 at Gandhinagar, India office of OpenERP. The meeting was very interesting as we learnt about a number of very interesting services provided by OpenERP.

1. Partners can avail for OpenERP Support.

2. Partners should include OPW as part of the quotations to customers. OPW is win-win solution for OpenERP, Partners and customers; it covers unlimited bug fix and migration for quality certified modules.

3. Partners need to have good recurring revenue from existing customers
by proposing new features and migrate them to new major version.

Pragmatic presented at the event and shared their experiences on implementing and customizing OpenERP in the last 3 years.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Fleet Management System Module for OpenERP (FMS)

A comprehensive web-based Fleet Management System module for OpenERP (FMS) is developed for fulfilling the business management needs of the Fleet & Transport industry. Its well Integrated & Modular architecture makes it apt for effective running of the Fleet & Transport business.

OpenERP's Fleet Management System integrates different functions in a transport company such as accounts, inventory, payroll, invoicing, insurance, asset management, vehicle maintainence, driver details, etc. Further, the system has a scope for customization according to client specific needs.

Key Features of Fleet Management System (FMS) of OpenERP:

  • Maintainence of Fleet history including all the relevant details of the Fleet like Model No., Engine Volume, Seats, License Plate, Fuel Type, Registration details, etc.
  • Maintains a complete record of the Driver details like Name, Driving License, etc.
  • Maintainence of Insurance Details.
  • CMMS (Computerized Maintainence Mangement System) for recording & analyzing various maintainence activities of the Vehicle.
  • Management of Fleet Maintainence Contracts including the Fleet Maintainence, Quotation, Fleet Maintainence Orders & its Invoicing.
  • Fuel Tracking which would help in monitoring of Fuel consumption.
  • Odometer Statements specific to the vehicles.
  • Configurable Master Data including Vehicles, Service Templates, Service Tasks, Insurances, Fuel Type, Driving Licences, etc.
  • Accounting Module to meet all the financial & billing needs of the company. Its closely integrated with all other modules.
  • Sales Module to manage all the sales transactions of the company.
  • Purchase Module to manage all the purchase transactions of the company.
  • Warehouse Module to manage all the Inventories & Warehouse requirements of the company.
  • Provision to generate the Work Orders for maintainence of the equipments & assigning the Spare parts required.
  • Variety of Customizable Reports like
    • Vehicle Reports.
    • Fuel Consumption Reports.
    • Driver Reports.
    • Fleet Maintainence Reports.
    • Odometer Statement Reports.
    • Financial Statement Reports like P/L(Profit & Loss statement), Balance Sheet, General Ledger, Trial Balance.
    • Invoice Reports. & many more such type of reports.
  • Asset Management Module for managing all the Current & Fixed assets of the Company.


1) Vehicle Record

2) Driver Record

3) Insurance Record
4) Fuel Tracking

5) Work Orders.

Friday, June 3, 2011

PragmaticCRM – Skype Integration

The PragmaticCRM–Skype solution provides a full integration of the widely popular voice application, Skype with PragamticCRM. It would allow the PragamticCRM Users to manage all communication activities & improve the handling & documentation of call – related activities. This enhancement makes PragamticCRM a complete feature rich application which would not only cater to emerging needs of current market but capable of sufficing the CRM needs of the business more effectively & efficiently.

 Online Demo

Key Features

  • User Friendly Interface.
  • Cost – Effective.
  • Improves efficiency in contacting the Customers/ Leads.
  • Convenience of calling directly from PragamticCRM.
  • Accessibility of Skype features directly from PragamticCRM.
  • Start a Skype Chat from within PragamticCRM.
  • Archiving of Skype Chat from within PragamticCRM.
  • Sending of SMS via Skype.
  • Display Skype user status in PragamticCRM.
  • Tracking SMS automatically in history panel of Contact or Lead.
  • Display incoming callers name, company & call direction in PragamticCRM.
  • Tracking of Inbound & Outbound calls.
  • Login to Skype application directly from PragmaticCRM.


1) Initiation of Call to Leads/ Customers.

 2) Establishing a connection with Skype.

3) Call Termination.