Monday, December 26, 2011

Odoo OpenERP Consulting Module

This OpenERP Consulting Module is designed & developed keeping in mind the specific needs & business process of the various Consulting Firms. It encompasses the different facets of Consulting firms Business Models incorporating the major functionalists which makes this product apt for the Consulting Industry.

The main key feature of the Product is its open to customization to suit the business model of the Consulting Firms across all domain like IT, Finance, Legal, Manufacturing etc..

  • Support for Effective & Efficient management of all the work Process involved in the delivery of Consultation services to Clients.
  • Capable of tracking the Skills & Manhours utilised over all the Process associated with the delivery of Consultation services.
  • Enables the Firms in proper budgeting of all the Consultation Projects & Tasks. The budgeting could be over both the Macro as well as the Micro level of Projects.
  • Maintains record of all the Clients & Stakeholders of the Consulting Firms.
  • Effectively handles the Revenue Model of all the Consulting Firms with the help of an altogether separate Accounting Module which allows teh creation of SO, PO, Invoices , Payments, etc..
  • An integrated HR Module would help in managing the Employee or workforces of the Consulting Firms. It allows creating the Job Positions like Consultant, Analyst, Lawyers, Managers, Directors, etc.. ; Salary Structure, Salary Slips & many more..
  • User Friendly reports which would help the company in effective Monitoring of all the Consultation Projects thereby assists in better decision making capability.
  • Reports like;
    • Consultation Project Analysis Reports.
    • Budget Report of all the Consultation projects.
    • Expense & Revenue Reports associated with all the Consultation Projects.
    • Financial Legal Reports of the Consulting Firms.
    • Employee Timesheet Reports. & many more..
  • The Multicompany Modules enables in managing all the Branch offices of the Consulting Firms spread across diverse geographical locations.
  • Provision to manage & categorize all the Consulting Services offered by the Firms. Also handles the pricing associated with all the consulting services.

1) Consumed Services in the Consulting Project Analysis Reports.

2) Budget Reports of all the Consultation Projects.

3) Expense & Revenue Reports associated with all the Consultation Projects.

Odoo OpenERP Repair Management

The wide array of features of this OpenERP Product makes it apt for the Repair Vertical. It encompasses many important features which makes it suitable for use of the Vendors present in the Repair Vertical.
This OpenERP Repair Module would help the vendors in Effective & Efficient management of the Vehicle Repairs of any type like Cars, Trucks, Motor Cycles etc.

  • User Friendly Reports which would help the Repair Vendors in better Monitoring & Decision Making. It includes the reports like;
    • Tracking of Spare Parts used in the Vehicle Tracking.
    • Work Hours spent by the Technicians in the Vehicle Repairs.
    • Vehicle Repair Analysis Reports.
    • Financial Reports like Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet etc..
    • Cost & Revenue Reports over any of the Vehicle Repairs.
  • Efficient Management of the Repairs of Vehicles like Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles etc...
  • Ability to allocate the Spare parts & Man hours consumed in the repair of Vehicles like Cars, Trucks, etc..
  • Provision to create different Warehouse Locations.
  • Allows the Repair Vendors to Properly manage their Spare parts present across different Warehouse locations.
  • Provision to generate & view the location wise inventory reports of different warehouse locations.
  • Allows the Repair Vendors to view the movement of spare parts across different warehouse locations.
  • Efficiently handles the Repair Orders received from the Customers.
  • Efficiently handles the Purchases of Spare parts & materials useful to Repair Vendors for giving the Repair service of Vehicles to their Customers.
  • A unique Multicompany feature of the Product helps the user in effectively manage all the Repair Centres present across different Geographic Locations.

1) Spare Parts Consumed in the Repair Project.

2) Workhours Consumed in the Vehicle Repairs.

3) Repair Task Analysis Report

4) Repair Task.

5) Vehicle Repair Parts.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Odoo OpenERP Mobile Client for iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile

OpenERP Mobile client allows users to access OpenERP modules over their smart phones. The platforms supported includes iPhone, iPad, Andrioid, Blackberry, Windows Mobile

Features Include

  • Cross platform support for various phones and operating system
  • Intuitive interface
  • User friendly
  • Easy to configure
  • Dynamically picks up all modules from your server

OpenERP Mobile client tour

Friday, November 25, 2011

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) with useful Reports In OpenERP

A fully integrated Customer Relationship Management System module for OpenERP CRM is developed for fulfilling the CRM and Sales business management needs of the  Medium & Large industry. It is well Integrated & useful feature which makes effective running of the CRM & Sales  business functionality.
OpenERP Customized CRM and Sales Reports Module Focuses on Opportunity, Meetings ( Meetings in Calendar view) , Multiple user Hierarchy and Sales reports which  provides support to Executives. System participate users with user hierarchy and as per departments with access rights functionality. System creates useful reports which assists to the various departments, such as: sales and customers, operations and administration.
Users are separated in groups Verticals and Horizontals, in which we can add projects or product for particular user so that only assigned group of users can view or access related functionality.
This system focused on reports which provides information for Top Management  and Sales operations and helps to analyzed details quickly. System Generate reports for users as per required Sales stage, city , region, Sales person, Timely Sales pipeline details as per city, region and work duration.

Sales CRM with Reports Screencast:

Key Features of OpenERP Customised CRM & Sales Reports Module

  • Opportunity with all important information like Opportunity Category, Sub Category, Customer, Sales Horizontal, Sales Vertical,     Opportunity Stage , Expected Revenue, Probability , Expected Closing Date, Sales Team, Opportunity Contact , Business Partner etc.
  • Opportunity history helps to refer and store previous action on opportunity in opportunity history.
  • Meetings in Calendar view which helps to view meetings details quickly on calendar itself.
  • User Hierarchy and assign access rights to users and groups.
  • For Medium & Large organization OpenERP customized system helps to Manage team and group access to process & information.
  • Reports
    • National Sales Pipeline
    • Leads Analysis
    • Office Pipeline At Glance
    • Value Wise Distribution Of Leads (National)
    • Value Wise Distribution Of Leads (Regional/City)
    • 100 Days Program Achievement
    • Average Lead Closure Time
    • Targets and Averages Analysis
    • Sales Pipeline developing over weeks(Region/City)
    • Ratio of Stages
    • National Sales Pipeline-Fortnight
    • Movement Across The Sales Funnel(Region/City)
    • Sales Person Meetings
    • Clients Received Proposals
    • Inquiries based on Sales Stages
    • Exhaustive Report on Clients
    • Daily Sales Call Update Yesterday
    • Daily Sales Call Update Today or Tomorrow
    • Salesman Sales Call
    • Inquiries Call Aging
  • Reports Features
    • Reports which provides details of Inquiries based on Sales Stages.
    • Opportunity reports which helps to track opportunities as per Number of opportunity and value of opportunity.
    • Gathered data about Sales Pipeline Details as per Stage and region.
    • Movement Across The Sales Funnel (Region/City) Report.
    • Internal Reports which useful for Internal Management and Sales operations.
    • Sale Persons Meeting Report.
    • Clients Received Proposals Reports.
    • Exhaustive Report on Clients Provide details of Customer Contact and Total Business closed for Individual client with details about Sales person closed the order.
    • Daily sales call Update reports.
    • Salesman sales call reports.

Screenshots and Description

Meetings Details: We can view & create Meetings and meetings history for user in Calendar view.
(click on the image for full preview)

Reports :

We have created Number of Reports and dashboards which are useful for Users and Executive Team, Below provided are some key reports.
1.Natioinal Sales Pipeline: This provides details of sales funnel and movement within sales. Breakup of the sales funnel across different stages with won and lost leads.
(click on the image for full preview)

2. Lead Analysis -  Focus on Number of Leads and Value of Leads as per region or city. Provides Lead details as per selected region or cities.
(click on the image for full preview)

3.100 Days Program Achievement – This report provides the details about the targets achieved across the past 100 days ( ie. 15 weeks) as a total and broken across important cities.
(click on the image for full preview)

4.Value wise distribution of Leads – This report provides Value wise detail about Lead in each stages with values in three categories less than 1 Crore , 1 and 5 Crore and greater than 5 Crore and Total in each stage.
(click on the image for full preview)

5.Movement across the Sales funnel ( for each region / city) – Each Lead is Analysed in detail here on value and movement. Focus is on each individual lead.
(click on the image for full preview)

6.Daily Sales call Details – This report provides daily sales call detail with Salesperson Name, Customer Name , Quoted Value, Current Action and Next Action .
(click on the image for full preview)

7.Exhaustive Report on clients – This report provides list of all interactions with a particular client including history of all inquiries, Sales people who have interacted with clients and breckup of total business done with consumer.
(click on the image for full preview)

8.Inquiries Based on Sales Stage – Provide details of all inquiries with histories that fall in that sales stage. Focus is on Inquiries for closure or on inquiries that need a proposal to be sent to it.
(click on the image for full preview)

Above Report provides Inquiry Number, Customer Name, Quoted value, Salesman Name, Action taken , Action taken Date, Next action, Next action Date , Updation Date and Remark.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Odoo OpenERP Construction Management

OpenERP Construction Management system offers a total co-ordination of all the key processes involved in construction companies involved in Building & construction management, Building Roads, Building Dams, Houses & Apartments as well as construction business operating from different locations and sites.
It will enhance overall performance of the company by having complete control over the manpower, appropriate flow of records, managed costing, least chances of errors, organized accounting and reporting.


Key Features :
  • Allows the Users to create the Construction Projects  directly from the Sale Order.
  • Flexibility to link the Sale Order with the Running Construction Projects.
  • The Project Deliverable history keeps track of all the Product/ Services like; Flats, Bungalows, Dams etc. to be delivered to the Customer.
  • Flexibility to divide the Projects  in different Tasks / Subtasks depending on the requirement. Eg: The Project for construction of building could be divided into individual Flats as the Tasks & Subtasks.
  • It allows the user to allocate different Materials like; Cements, Bricks, Tar, Tiles etc..utilized in completing the construction of Buildings, Flats, Roads, etc...
  • It allows the user to allocate Man hours utilized in completing the construction of Buildings, Flats, Roads, Dams, etc...
  • The stocks are automatically updated in the Warehouse depending on the Products consumed in the Constructing of Buildings, Flats, Roads, etc..
  • Provision of Invoicing each of the Construction Projects like Building, Flats, Roads, Dams, etc...
  • Budgeting
    • The Module allows the user to allocate the Budgeted Amount for each of the Construction Projects & Tasks.
    • The system automatically updates the actual amount depending on the actual costs & revenues incurred in the completion of Construction Project & tasks.
    • The module allows the user to view the Cost Variance analysis associated with each of the Construction Project & Tasks.
    • Generated variety of Budget Reports for ease of the user in analysis of the Construction Project & Task performance.
    • Project wise detailed analysis reports displaying the Man & Materials utilised & the Cost & Revenues associated with each of the Construction Projects & Tasks.
  • Variety of User Friendly Reports like
    • Budget Analysis Reports.
    • Project Analysis Reports.
    • Task Analysis Reports.
    • Cost Variance Reports for each Projects.
    • Cost variance Report for each Tasks. & Many more such reports.
  • Helps the User in Project Planning & displaying the same in different views for ease of User like;   
    • Gantt View of Project Plan.
    • Calendar View of Project Plan.
    • Graph View of Project Plan.


1) Creation of Projects & its Division into Tasks & Sub Tasks. Allocating Resources (Man & Materials) for each of the Tasks.

2) Project Tasks Consumed Product Analysis Report

3) Project Task Consume Time Analysis

4)Budget Analysis for Project Tasks

5) Invoicing

    Monday, October 10, 2011

    Advantages of Open Source ERP, CRM and HRM OpenERP

    The jittery economic times has seen an increased interest in open source tools and technologies. In fact open source has been at the fore-front of driving innovations.  A lot of companies have started adoption of open source tools and technologies. in the last 5 years open source software have grown from 10% to 30% of total IT spending by enterprises on an average. This has mainly happened as open source vendors have got more mature in terms of providing better support options to enterprises giving them confidence in using the open source products. 

    In the space of Enterprise Resource Planning software open source provides numerous advantages over proprietary software such as SAP, Microsoft, Oracle, Netsuite and other home grown proprietary software. Although these advantages apply to any open source ERP but I will be talking considering  OpenERP, a leading open source business suite of applications as a base case.

    1. No Licensing Fee

    Majority of Open source software have zero licensing fee which makes this very lucrative and attractive to growing companies. As the number of users increase the cost does not increase. Also this serves as democratization of ERP software as even small companies can dream and adopt a real ERP to fuel growth.

    2. Tailored Software

    Most other vendors are very hesitant to make changes in the product and want you to stick to their own business process. Hence the companies using the software have to change their business process accosting to their software. I think this is not good in the rapidly changing business environment. Also one software cannot fit all industries.  OpenERP has very flexible architecture which allows much more easy customization and configurations. Also its modularity makes it very flexible and can be used as a good platform to build more modules. Also this supports iterative development.

    3. No Vendor lock-in

     This is a huge advantage which is enabled by availability of the source code. If the customer is not happy with the services of the vendor they can change their vendor or find more competitive pricing options. Also generally these tools use standard open source technologies which can also allow for easy exports of data out of the system if needed. A lot of proprietary software I have seen makes it very difficult to export data out of the system and lock you in.

    4. Lower Support and Maintenance Costs

    Since support can be provided at different levels by different vendors the support and Maintenance fees are reduced due to competitive market. Even free lancers can come to the rescue if need be. This gives a very different dimension to the way product could be supported.

    5. No Barriers to Evaluate and Experiment

    Open source ERP are easy to download by anyone and does not cost a cent to play around, feel comfortable, and experience the features. This is huge win against other proprietary enterprise software. You do not get access to play around unless you pay upfront licensing fees. Development in open spurts ERP are much more easy on the pockets of the client as the business model is more on service driven and as the software is developed the client can pay on milestone basis.

    Hence all in all open source ERP OpenERP pose a compelling reason for enterprises to adopt it. Pragmatic has launched a 3-2-1 Launch program which allows companies experience open source ERP OpenERP at a very cost effective fee where we provide the needed installation, configuration, support and training.

    Thursday, July 14, 2011

    Odoo OpenERP 6 Modules: A community based Module Search Engine and Repository for OpenERP

    Pragmatic is very pleased to launch OpenERP 6 modules a community repository and search site for OpenERP modules. This is another addition to the already existing community Video Portal OpenERP Videos contribution by Pragmatic.

    This portal allows users to

    • Search OpenERP modules in OpenERP Apps, GitHub and Launchpad
    • Share your public and private modules
    • Publish your shared funding modules and find prospective collaborates and buyers
    • Absolutely free of charge to use at this time
    • Add documentation including screen-shots and Videos to your modules

    Quick tour video for OpenERP6 Modules

    Tuesday, June 21, 2011

    Indian Accounting Localization - TDS Module for OpenERP

    The Tax Deduction at Source (TDS) Module for OpenERP is developed as an important contribution towards the Indian Accounting Localization Project. This TDS Module encompasses all the TDS provisions in compliance with the Income Tax Act, 1961. This feature rich TDS module makes it apt for use by the
    Corporates & other entities in need for the management of Tax Deduction at source. Another distinguishing feature of the TDS Module of OpenERP is that apart from its standard features its flexible enough to be customized as per changing needs & rules of the Indian Tax System.

    Indian Accounting localization - TDS Module for OpenERP video

    Key Features of TDS Module for OpenERP:

    • TDS linked with Invoice line
    • Accounting TDS & Deduction
    • TDS with Lower & Zero rate
    • Accountign TDS & Deducting it later
    • TDS Helper for paying TDS to Government
    • Viewing TDS Pending, Payable, Zero/Reduced Rate
    • Variety of Reports & Annexures for Filing of Returns to the Govt. Below are the list of some of the Reports provided by the System.
      • Form 16A
      • Form 26Q
      • Form 26Q Annexure
      • Form 27Q
      • Form 27Q Annexure
      • Form 26A
      • Form 26A Annexure
      • Form 27A
      • Form 27A Annexure.
    • Pretty Configurable for the Income Heads/ Sources, Tax Rates, Sections, Exemption Limit etc.
    • Provision for configuring the details of Deductees, Deductors, Nature of Payments/ Income Sources.
    • All the records of the Tax Payables, Tax Deducted, Tax Paid can tracked into the System with the different Filter or Sorting Parameters.



    2) DEDUTOR




    Thursday, June 9, 2011

    Training Management System module for OpenERP

    A Comprehensive WebBased Training Management System (TMS) of OpenERP which can be used by Organisations like Training Institutes, Education Institutes, Corporates for effective & efficient management of the Training or Education Services.
    It would help the Organisations to a large extent in effectively meeting the Training requirements by maintaining every tit bits of activities involved in the delivery of Training service.
    Below mentioned are the key features of this Standard TMS Module which can be Configured & Customized as per Client specific needs.

    Key Features:

    • Creation of Training Course information including information like
      • Course Description
      • Trainers / Lecturers details
      • Mode of Training (Classroom, Online, etc...)
      • Price / Rate of Course
      • Images relevant to Course
    • Provision of entering the Feedback / Review of the Course received from participants.
    • Provision to create Exam Questionaires specific to the Course.
    • Exam Evaluations.
    • Awarding of Degrees specific to the Courses undertaken by the Customers / Participants.
    • Provision to create Catalogues & Offers for Marketing / Selling the Courses.
    • Provision for organising the Seances including information like
      • Lecturers / Trainers details.
      • Participants details.
      • Courses details for which the Seances are organised.
      • Registration details.
      • Venue & Time details.
    • Facility to create Sessions based on Courses & Seances.
    • Calendar for keeping track of the various Events, Sessions, Seances & other activities.
    • Centralised Repository of all the Documents, Attachments uploaded by the Users are maintained in a Systematic Directory Structure format for easy accessability & Knowledge Sharing.
    • Facility to create & maintain Subscription Requests & its details.
    • Facility to create & maintain Partcipation Requests & its details.
    • Provision to maintain a complete history of all the Customers, Participants, Trainers, Lecturers.
    • Managing of all the Invoices & Payment details through its close integration with a Finance Module.
    • Generation of variety of Reports like Exam Evaluation Report, Courses Reports, Exam Questionaires Reports, Seances & Sessions Reports, Participants / Customers Reports.
    • Pretty Configurable & Customizable according to Client specific needs.
    • Provision of creating the various Users of the System & providing Access Rights to them.


    1) Courses

    2) Exam Evaluations

    3) Offers

    4) Catalogues

    5) Seances

    6) Calendar

    7) Subscriptions

    Tuesday, June 7, 2011

    Pragmatic @ Asia OpenERP Partners Event Gandhinagar, India

    Pragmatic was present at the Asia Parners meeting held on June 4th 2011 at Gandhinagar, India office of OpenERP. The meeting was very interesting as we learnt about a number of very interesting services provided by OpenERP.

    1. Partners can avail for OpenERP Support.

    2. Partners should include OPW as part of the quotations to customers. OPW is win-win solution for OpenERP, Partners and customers; it covers unlimited bug fix and migration for quality certified modules.

    3. Partners need to have good recurring revenue from existing customers
    by proposing new features and migrate them to new major version.

    Pragmatic presented at the event and shared their experiences on implementing and customizing OpenERP in the last 3 years.

    Monday, June 6, 2011

    Fleet Management System Module for OpenERP (FMS)

    A comprehensive web-based Fleet Management System module for OpenERP (FMS) is developed for fulfilling the business management needs of the Fleet & Transport industry. Its well Integrated & Modular architecture makes it apt for effective running of the Fleet & Transport business.

    OpenERP's Fleet Management System integrates different functions in a transport company such as accounts, inventory, payroll, invoicing, insurance, asset management, vehicle maintainence, driver details, etc. Further, the system has a scope for customization according to client specific needs.

    Key Features of Fleet Management System (FMS) of OpenERP:

    • Maintainence of Fleet history including all the relevant details of the Fleet like Model No., Engine Volume, Seats, License Plate, Fuel Type, Registration details, etc.
    • Maintains a complete record of the Driver details like Name, Driving License, etc.
    • Maintainence of Insurance Details.
    • CMMS (Computerized Maintainence Mangement System) for recording & analyzing various maintainence activities of the Vehicle.
    • Management of Fleet Maintainence Contracts including the Fleet Maintainence, Quotation, Fleet Maintainence Orders & its Invoicing.
    • Fuel Tracking which would help in monitoring of Fuel consumption.
    • Odometer Statements specific to the vehicles.
    • Configurable Master Data including Vehicles, Service Templates, Service Tasks, Insurances, Fuel Type, Driving Licences, etc.
    • Accounting Module to meet all the financial & billing needs of the company. Its closely integrated with all other modules.
    • Sales Module to manage all the sales transactions of the company.
    • Purchase Module to manage all the purchase transactions of the company.
    • Warehouse Module to manage all the Inventories & Warehouse requirements of the company.
    • Provision to generate the Work Orders for maintainence of the equipments & assigning the Spare parts required.
    • Variety of Customizable Reports like
      • Vehicle Reports.
      • Fuel Consumption Reports.
      • Driver Reports.
      • Fleet Maintainence Reports.
      • Odometer Statement Reports.
      • Financial Statement Reports like P/L(Profit & Loss statement), Balance Sheet, General Ledger, Trial Balance.
      • Invoice Reports. & many more such type of reports.
    • Asset Management Module for managing all the Current & Fixed assets of the Company.


    1) Vehicle Record

    2) Driver Record

    3) Insurance Record
    4) Fuel Tracking

    5) Work Orders.

    Friday, June 3, 2011

    PragmaticCRM – Skype Integration

    The PragmaticCRM–Skype solution provides a full integration of the widely popular voice application, Skype with PragamticCRM. It would allow the PragamticCRM Users to manage all communication activities & improve the handling & documentation of call – related activities. This enhancement makes PragamticCRM a complete feature rich application which would not only cater to emerging needs of current market but capable of sufficing the CRM needs of the business more effectively & efficiently.

     Online Demo

    Key Features

    • User Friendly Interface.
    • Cost – Effective.
    • Improves efficiency in contacting the Customers/ Leads.
    • Convenience of calling directly from PragamticCRM.
    • Accessibility of Skype features directly from PragamticCRM.
    • Start a Skype Chat from within PragamticCRM.
    • Archiving of Skype Chat from within PragamticCRM.
    • Sending of SMS via Skype.
    • Display Skype user status in PragamticCRM.
    • Tracking SMS automatically in history panel of Contact or Lead.
    • Display incoming callers name, company & call direction in PragamticCRM.
    • Tracking of Inbound & Outbound calls.
    • Login to Skype application directly from PragmaticCRM.


    1) Initiation of Call to Leads/ Customers.

     2) Establishing a connection with Skype.

    3) Call Termination.

    Thursday, May 26, 2011

    Project Cost Accounting for Resources/Products/Services

    This Project Management module is targeted specifically for the Manufacturing Domain. Its wide array of features is capable of fulfilling the different facets of Project Management activities of the Manufacturing  sector.

    Project Cost Accounting for Resources/Products/Services Screencast

    Key Features of the Module:
    • Power of assigning Products within Project Management.
    • Keeping track of the Progress of Project along the Timeline.
    • Division of Project into different Tasks & Phases.
    • Invoicing of Project based on Services & Material Quantity used within Project.
    • Accounting of the Human Resource & Services utilization within project.
    • Keeps track of the Materials Consumed & Materials Remaining for the project.
    • Accounting of the Materials Utilization within Project.
    • Feature for including the BoM (Bill of Materials) within Project.

    Product assigning process along with screenshots:

    Stage 1: Selection of Products to be used in the Task:
    Below is the screenshot of the same:Go to the Task of the concerned project & just select the Products & Quantity needed from the Warehouse which are preconfigured.

    Stage 2: Consumption of Products in the Task
    In the Task Form just select the Products & Quantity Consumed after starting the Task. Thus the remaining quantity will automatically be updated by the system based on the quantity consumed.
    Below is the screenshot of the same:

    Stage 3: Invoicing the Project
    After completion of all the Tasks & Project, Click on 'Create Invoice' tab for invoicing the Project.