Saturday, October 26, 2013

Odoo OpenERP 7 - Medical Healthcare and Hospital management System

                          Pragmatic has launched another new and advanced Product in the field of Health-care Management . This Product comes with many features like


1) Patient Management with full patient details like General Information , Socio-Economic Details , Diet and exercise details etc
 2) Appointment Management with Features like Confirmation of Appointment , Related Prescriptions , Pediatric Symptom Checklist. 
3) Inpatient Management with features like Diet Details , Nutrition and care plan etc.
4) ICU with details like GCS , ECG , APACHE 2 score etc.
5) Roundings with options like Six P's , Vital signs , Respiratory Details etc 
6) Patient Ambulatory Care informations.
7) Patient Laboratory test Management.
8) Newborn records with details like Neonatal signs and symptoms ,Neonatal Reflex check.
9) Pharmacy with related entries in Warehouse.
10) Pre - configured data according to ICD-10 Standard for Diseases , Medical procedures , Recreational drugs , Medical Specialties , Disease Categories etc.
11) Various Reports like appointments per doctor , appointments per month , Appointments per specialty.

1) User can Create Patient with information like Diseases , Socio-Economic conditions , Lab Tests , General Information , Medication , Lab Tests etc.

2) Patient Family records can be created where in all the members of one family can be added in the records.

3) Appointments can be created for the patients. 
4) Related Pediatric Symptoms checklist evaluations can be added in the Appointments. 
5) Prescriptions related to the Appointments can also be added. 
6) Records of the patients admitted in the hospitals are created. In this , information like Diet and Nutrition of the patient , care plan etc are added as well. 
7) Intensive Care Unit Details of the patients like 

A) GCS (Glasgow Comma Scale)  

B) ECG ( Electrocardiogram ) 

C) APACHE ll Score ( Acute Physiology and Chronic Health Evaluation 2 Score )  

8) New Born Record can be created in which details like Neonatal Signs and Symptoms , Neonatal Reflex check etc can be recorded.  
9) Invoices for the services provided in the hospital can be created. They have direct effect in the balance sheet.

A) Lab tests invoice.  
B) Appointments to be invoiced.
C) Prescriptions to be invoiced.
10) Many reports can be printed by the system. These help in Efficient Decision making and Management of the hospital. 

A) medicament list Report.
B) Appointment Evaluation per doctor report.
C) Appointment Evaluation Per medical Center Report.
D) Appointment evaluation per prescription Report .
E) Appointment evaluation per specialty Report .

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Odoo OpenERP 7 integration with Avatax.

                          Pragmatic Techsoft has come up with module to integrate OpenERP and Avatax system for sales tax calculation. This module helps to calculate Sale Tax based on customer address along with handling of Shipping Charges,Avatax Tax Code,Customer Exemption and Invoice or Product Returned.  

1.Customer Address Validation
When user creates new customer he needs to validate his address form Avatax for accurate sale tax calculation. He can also mark customer as exempt.

2.Calculation of Sale Tax
When creating sell order select customer and product and click on calculate button which will calculate sale tax amount for given sell order based on Customer address.
3.Validate Invoice
When we create Invoice from sell order and validate that invoice a record is created in Avatax Admin Console with uncommitted state. Invoice order in Avatax Gives Us Jurisdiction vice Tax distribution.
4.Pay Invoice
When user make payment for OpenERP Invoice state of order at Admin console marked as committed.
5. Returned Invoice
When user return Payment for invoice a new record is created in Avatax Admin Console with doc-type as Return Invoice and Negative amount indicating that invoice amount is returned.
6. Tax Code
User can create there own tax rule/s in Avatax these tax rules are handled from OpenERP . These tax Rule define whether particular product is taxable in particular state/county/city or not . In OpenERP on Product For you can define Tax Code for Products when we send request to Avatax for that product according to customer destination it Returns Tax Amount for that Product.
                    In above case we have assigned Tax Code VAT-2 for Product this VAT-2 Tax code is non Taxable in Customer address so no tax is calculated for this Sell Order
                    Similarly When we create Sell Order for Customer who is exempted from Tax for any Reason in that situation not tax is calculated for that customer Order or Invoice

Friday, October 11, 2013

Odoo OpenERP 7 Integration with Fedex, UPS and USPS

                          Pragmatic Techsoft has come up with OpenERP 7 module which integrates OpenERP delivary orders with worlwide couriers like Fedex,UPS and USPS inorder to generate Rate for shipping and Shipping Labels.
                          This is a comprehensive web based shipping integration module used for getting shipping charge details from shipping above agengies according to Service Type;Pacakage Details;Pacaging Type etc. 


                        Below mentioned are the key features of shipping Integration which can be configured & customized as per clients requirment:   

Key Features:  
1) Integrated with FEDEX, UPS,USPS
2) Generating rate of shipping according to weight of delivery order, type of shipping service used and shipping agency selected for delivery of order.
3) Integrated with different service types like Local, Internation, Airbill etc.
4) Generates label along with tracking number , barcode and DataMatrix code.
5) Download and Print shipping receipt.

Once user confirm sale order respective delivary order is generated from where user can select which shipping agency will be used to deliver order.  

 1.Generating Shipping Quotes for FedEx  

Once delivery order is creted user has to specify Weight of Delivery order;Shipping Type,Dropoff Type,Packaging Type. When user click on Generate Shipping Quotes request is send to FedEx which returnes cost of shipping according to specified weight and selected shipping Type. 

 2.Request to Generate Shipping Label for FedEx  

Once user get shipping cost he can request to generat label of shipping i.e Receipt of Shipping which is in image form that can be downloaded and printed any time. 
 3.Opening Shipping Label For FedEX 
 4.Shipping Label Details for FedEx 
 5.Shipping Label For FedEx 
 Similarly user can generate shipping charge and label for UPS and USPS.  

B) UPS  

1. Generating Shipping Quotes for UPS 
2.Label For UPS 

 1. Generating Shipping Quotes For USPS 
 or USPS 
User can use all Shipping agencies (FedEx;UPS and USPS) at once to generate rate and label. 
 Generated Shipping Quotes 

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Odoo OpenERP 7 Cloth and Fabric Trading

In this module Pragmatic tried to capture basic features and flows which are included in Textile indusctries order management process. In Text tile industry Sale order are manage in different way that our default flow. Here Sell Order has more stages and more player are invoilved in discion making. In this Module we have focuse on Following things:

1.A Company can have multiple selling points (shops) in given territory and sale discount allocated to each shop varies.
2.Customer will order sample of product (cloth;carpet;fabric etc) befor actually placing confirm order.
3.Tracking of sample flow right from its request to confirmation.
4.Get stock confirmation from supplier.
5.Tracking of Sell order states from New to Back Order or Invoice Due so that user can handle high prority order first.
6.Percentage or Fix amount sales commisions to shops.
7.Product Handling thorugh SKU or Design code/Color combination.


Now Lets see these features in Details 

 1. Product 
  In this Product is combination of Design Number and Color . These two factors produce a Unique Name or SKU to Product which act as identifir to it. 

You can also specify supplier details on product form  

 2. Sell Order 
  We have customize present OpenERP sell order form to show more information on it.  

 2.1 CFA Request 
  CFA is a sample request for customer . CFA request is generated from sell order Form itself . When CFA sales personell request CFA on behalf of customer a new record is created in Warehouse for supplier (assuming supplier has aceess to warehouse module). Supplier sees new CFA request and send sample to cusomer he can also specify his comment on same.  

CFA status also be monitored from Sale Order. 

 2.2. Product Availability 
  When Ever a Order is created in system one request is generated in Warehouse regarding Reserver Request which is nothing but product availability request to supplier once supplier change state of Reserve Request to Available at very moment sell Order Satus is change to RES-(Reserved) 

 2.3 Order/Release 
  Once Order is in RES state sales person can mark that order as finale order and make payment entry for same. Some time he can skip payment and idrectly reale order and collect payment latter on (as per business rule)  

 2.4 Back Order 
  Some time product ordered is not available with supplier which changes sell order state to Not-Available. If customer is ready to place Back Order he has to pay 40% of total order amount upfront.  

 2.5 Commision Handling 
  Each shop gets their commision based amount of sale they done either in percentage or fixed amount  

 2.6 Delivary of Product and Closing Order 
  Once product is delivered to customer and full payment is done againt that order order get Closed