Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Odoo OpenERP 7 - Subscription Management

Subscription module is useful for recurring profile for service organizations where they have to generate no of docs with a specific frequency i.e. monthly, weekly etc. It gives you the flexibility to set your reference document as a template which can be used recursively for different clients to generate the repetitive documents like invoice, orders etc.
To achieve this we have customized subscription with extended functionalities:

1)Create New Template for each object:
* Get the reference of Subscription Doc;
 Here Subscription doc may be Sale Order and Invoice:
 If doc is of invoice, then user will select the type of invoice in ‘Invoice type’ (customer or supplier invoice).
2. Use this template in Subscriptions:
* Filter templates based on source document:

If selected template is invoice then filter partner based on invoice type:
** Customer will filter if type of invoice is customer invoice
** Supplier will filter if type of invoice is supplier invoice
* If selected template is sale order then all partner will show

* If ‘notify by mail’ is active then partner will receive notification of created invoice doc.
* We can select payment term and write notes/description in notes tab
* If ‘validate’ is inactive then invoice doc will create on ‘draft state’
* If ‘validate’ is active then invoice doc will create on ‘draft state’ and also ‘validate’
* We can update order line in ‘template details’ tab based on our requirement:

Monday, July 21, 2014

Odoo OpenERP 7 – Toll Online Integration

Pragmatic Techsoft Pvt. Ltd. come up with another module to integrate courier transport company i.e Toll Online, New zealand with Odoo OpenERP 7.

Till date we have created modules to integrate courier transport companies like UPS, FedEx, USPS & Australia Post with OpenERP .

This modules allows user to export processed shipments from OpenERP to Toll Online system using csv. Filter on shops also provided so that delivery orders from a specific shop can be passed passed to Toll Online. 
Key Features Following is a process for synchronisation :
1)Recording Toll Online Credentials
2)Processing delivery orders from OpenERP
3)Generating list of delivery orders as a manifest
4)Creating csv file from manifest record
5)Uploading csv file to Toll Online system

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Odoo Open ERP 7 - Waste Management

Waste Management in OpenERP 
Waste % can be set at Operation level for each Operation in Bill of Material. In MPS the quantity of Sub Assembly products gets changed considering the waste percentage. Also the quantity of consumed products changes as per the waste percentage. In work Order, the Waste percentage or quantity can be entered as per actual. 
Key Features 
1) Waste % can be set at Operation level
2) WIP Products quantity also gets updated as per waste percentage
3) Waste % or quantity can be entered at Work Order level as per actual...

Waste % at Operational level in BOM
Calculation of Child Assembly quantity considering the Waste%
Calculation of Consumed Products quantity in Manufacturing Order considering the waste%
Can change the Waste % or quantity at Work Order Level

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Odoo OpenERP - XERO Accounting Integration

Business organisations uses different software specific to different department activities eg : XERO Accounting system is used to keep online records of Invoices and its payment.

Pragmatic Techsoft Pvt. Ltd. developed new module to sync. Invoices and payments between Odoo openERP and XERO Accounting system. This synchronisation can be triggered on scheduled frequency. This modules keeps validation on the accounts to be hit for Income/ Sales Account also for Payments. Similarly, Invoices gets reconciled against payments imported from XERO.

Following is a process for synchronisation :
1) Invoice creation in OpenERP

2)Exporting open invoices to XERO accounting

3)Listing of Invoice & accepting payment in XERO

4)Importing of paid invoices in OpenERP

5)Auto reconciliation of invoice and payments in OpenERP

Friday, July 11, 2014

Odoo OpenERP - Hostel Management

In order to address key functionalities of hostel administration, Pragmatic Technosoft has developed hostel management module in OpenERP.

This module helps to manage New Admission, Admission cancellation, Bed allocation, House-Keeping activity etc. User can configure hostel structure as per his requirement.
Hostel fees payment can be configured as yealy, half yearly, monthly etc.

Following are the features available with Hostel Management
i. Easy configuration of hostel structure

ii. Bedwise facilities allocation

iii. Bedwise price configuration

iv. Easy process of maintaining data entries ralated to candidate admission

v. Easy scheduling of house-keeping activities

vi. Auto generation of rent invoices on set frequency

vii. Extra facilities like loundry and mess can be easily configured and charges are included in monthly billing