Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hospital Management System Module for OpenERP

Medical is an open source, centralized Health and Hospital Information System that provides the following functionality.
A comprehensive Hospital Management System that takes care of all functional aspects of all types of hospital. The package will help the users i.e. Hospital administrators, Doctors & other Staff to keep track of every tit bits of the activities performed in the various departments of the Hospital. Depending on the characteristics of a particular hospital, provision for customization is there to satisfy the specific needs of the hospital.

Hospital Management Information System Screencast :-

Key Modules/Features of Hospital Management Information System(HMIS): 

1 Medical Module
This Module will help in achieving the following functionalities:
  • Creating Patient Registration of both the IPD & OPD types & maintaining a record of all the information of the patients.
  • Scheduling of the Appointments & keeping a record of it.
  • Handling the Laboratory requirements right from creation of the Lab requests to the Lab Reports.
  • Maintaining a record of the Prescriptions given by the Physician to the Patients.
  • Inbuilt ICD – 10 Codes.
  • Pretty Configurable to keep record of the Hospital Information.
  • Billing needs of the Hospital.
  • Creation of various types of reports like Lab/ Pathological Reports, Patients Reports.
  • Creation of Patient Registration Cards.

2 Sales Module.
It fulfills all the Sales needs of the Hospital & Pharmacy.

3 Purchase Module.
It fulfills all the Purchase needs of the Hospital & Pharmacy.

4 Warehouse Module.
It helps in managing the Inventories of the Hospitals & Pharmacy.

5 Accounting Module.
It helps in sufficing all the Financial Needs of the Hospital.

6 Human Resource Module.
It helps in the management of the Workforce of the Hospital.

7 Administration Module.
It helps in creation of different users & granting them access rights according to the requirements of the Hospital.

8 Point of Sale(POS) Module.


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  1. Thanks for sharing this excellent Hospital Management module. It contain all the required option to store important data. This software is very useful for the hospitals and health organizations.