Friday, August 1, 2014

Odoo OpenERP 7 Freight Management

Freight management in Open ERP 7 enables tracking and controlling fleets used for Dispatches. It allows create multiple nodes and Routes. A fleet can be selected in Delivery order along with the route. A record for fleet is generated as Vehicle record with status as Available, Dispatched and Return. When the shipment is dispatched, change the status to Dispatched. And change the status to return when it returns back. After disptach it sends alters by mail if not returns within timebound.

 Key Features
i) Track Fleets w.r.t Available, Dispatched and Returned. 
ii) Alters by mail if vehicle not returns within time bound. 
iii) Provision to select the Route and fleet at Delivery Order level
iv) Can be configured to GPS
Vehicle Details
Delivery Order
Vehicle Records

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